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For the past 40 years, the DiaSorin Group has been an international player in the market for in vitro diagnostics, a specific segment of immunodiagnostics that encompasses the categories of immunochemistry and infectious immunology. The products developed and distributed by the DiaSorin Group are designed specifically for clinical diagnostics applications. 



Diagnostični reagenti 



Analizator: Liaison® XS

Main Features

The reagents area is refrigerated and allows continuous loading of reagents Integrals or Ancillaries and to ensure  safe process, the operator will be driven by a light during load and unload activities. Up to 10 Integrals and up to 4 ancillary reagents can be used at the same time. Multiple of the same Integral can be loaded at the same time if needed.
Workflow optimization and process control with sample continuous loading supported by tube identification via integrated barcode scanner or manual editing.
LIAISON® XS sample area allows up to 4 sample racks simultaneously. A total of 48 tubes can be loaded, among primary or secondary tubes, or calibrators, or controls.