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AED Defibrillator - HeartOn A10 & HeartOn A20

  • Optional serial port : Exterior printer demanded
  • DC input port (Trainer only)
  • IrDA port : IR communication port between PC
  • SD card : Review date stored & software upgrade
  • Icon Type : It is very useful Visual indicators & very easy to use.
  • Shock button : The flicker sign is shock delivery ready. Push the button when the indicator lighting
  • Speaker : The Acoustic indicator for real time guidance Voice






YM6000 Patient Monitoring SystemYM6000 - Patient Monitoring System

  • Progressive YM6000 Multi-Parameter Vital Sign Patient Monitor Provides Full Parameters:
        - Adult to Neonate
        - Omron NIBP
        - NELLCOR SpO
        - Respironics ETCO2
        - Built in Printer
        - Central Monitoring
  • Available Parameters include 3 or 5 lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, 2 Temperatures, Battery, and optional built-in Printer.
  • High quality 12.1 inch color TFT LCD screen enables you to monitor 6 traces with 10 numerics vital sign clearly even under the most difficult lighting conditions. 
  • Color coded 6 keyboards and a trim knob admits to clinicians quickly access to monitoring functions controls within a second. 
  • Optimized rechargeable battery and wheeled mobile cart integrated top handle are ensured continuous monitoring during transport between the care sites. 
  • Connect to the central monitoring system to receive alarm signal automatically when the patient's condition turns critical. Also the stored event or real time vital sign can be re-called to display.



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